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Alert Pest Control - Birds and Bird Control

Wild birds present different problems to many other types of pest - bird fouling can be unpleasant, unsightly and can spread disease. Flocks of birds can provide nuisance, and in commercial areas, such as shopping centres, could cause loss of custom.

Potential problems cause by birds include:

  • Disease Transmission
  • Allergies and Phobias
  • Food and Crop Damage / Loss
  • Insect and Mite infestations
  • Safety Issues - for example slip hazards on bird fouling
  • Property Damage
  • Image and Nuisance - commerical image can be damaged by bird fouling
  • Legislation - you may be legally required to control wild birds in certain circumstances.

As well as repsonding to damaged caused by wild birds, Alert Pest Control can supply and install bird prevention solutions such as netting to prevent the problem occuring in the first place.

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