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Alert Pest Control - Flying Insects

Insects are the predominant life form on Earth, with an estimated number of species in excess of 1 million, far outweighing animal, bird or other species. Insects can present a number of problems including:-

  • The spread of diseases such as Salmonella.
  • Allergies, Irritation and Phobias
  • Stings and Bites
  • Damamge to Fabrics, Structures and Food
  • Legislation - insect infestations must be controlled to prevent nuisance and or food contamination
  • Hidden damages - loss of custom due to insects at commercial premises, etc.

It is imperitive that infestations are dealt with quickly and professionally. Alert Pest Control can identify the insects causing you nuisance, and provide the best solution to the problem. Infestations will be dealt with quickly, discretely, and where appropriate the site will be cleaned and reinstated.

Problem insects may include:-

  • Wasps
  • Bees
  • Moths
  • Flies

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